True Crime Story Time

Every story has a message…

S1: Tara’s Story

April 16th, 2018

Australia is a place where men and women have equal rights in the eyes of the law. Our strict gun laws are the envy of many nations where shooting deaths are rampant and our laid back life style is admired far and wide. But what lurks beneath the veneer of our nations friendly smile and sparkling beaches is something far more sinister. Research shows that a woman is killed by her ex or current partner almost every single week in Australia. With the end of every year comes the end of a grim annual tally of dead women in. It’s a tally of epidemic proportions.

This is Tara’s Story.

Production and editing by KINSHIP PRODUCTIONS

Original music by Gabe Rizza at IICONIC CREATIVE

Artwork by Joel Micah Harris  

Research Credit: Sydney Morning Herald, Gold Coast Bulletin,

The,, The Guardian, KentLive, The Sun, Mamamia

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