True Crime Story Time

Every story has a message…

S1: Margaret and Paul’s Story

April 30th, 2018

What do you think of when you think of your parents? Providers, protectors, best friend, disciplinarian, supporter, your guidance? These are typical words that would arise when asked that question. But what happens when this is not the response you have when you think of your parents? What if when you think of your parents you think words like manipulative, unkind, greedy or selfish whether these things are true or not. What would happen if your thoughts were blacker and darker than this, what if thoughts turned to murder?  

This is Margaret and Paul's Story.   

Production and editing by KINSHIP PRODUCTIONS 

Original music by Gabe Rizza at IICONIC CREATIVE  

Artwork by Joel Micah Harris  

Research Credit: The Herald Sun, The Age, 

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