True Crime Story Time

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S2: The Story of Adam Shand

September 15th, 2019

In this episode we sit down and talk with Adam Shand. An Australian journalist with decades of experience in television, print, online media, and true crime reporting.
We have included a list with links to some of his work that we discuss during this episode which we know you will all love. Thanks for listening to our episode,

The Story Of Adam Shand. 

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Here are the links to listen to Adam Shand’s podcasts :
The Trials Of The Vampire
Adam Shand At Large
Understate, Lucille Butterworth
Understate, In Plain Sight
(Some episodes are unavailable due to current court proceedings)

Here are some links where you can purchase some of Adam Shand’s books (can also be purchased through other websites) :
Book Depository
Amazon / Kindle

Here is a link to watch Adam Shand on Australian Crime Stories (if you’re located in Australia) :